Armin Poljak

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Music, Youth activism, Sport


My name is Armin, I’m 19, and I come from Sanski Most, a small town in the northwestern region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently, I’m a second-year undergraduate student in International Relations and Diplomacy at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo. A few years ago, I began volunteering at the Center for Peace-building and the high school association of Bosnia and Herzegovina (local team Sanski Most). I should also add that both peace and youth activism are my key interests, and while I was volunteering, I managed to obtain basic education on both types of activism – which was a big influence on my decision to begin studying International Relations and Diplomacy. In 2018, I was also a part of Sarajevo’s ‘Youth Initiative for Human Rights’ (YIHR) movement. Additionally, I have been a part of the folklore club ‘Sanski Biseri’ since 2012, which is based in Sanski Most. During this period, I participated in a massive number of performances, where we promoted Bosnian, as well as other Western Balkan cultures. Both my volunteering experience with NGOs and my membership in the folklore club have helped me develop my communication and organizational skills.


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