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Arjana Rudari



Arts and design, Film and photography, Music, Youth activism, Environment


My name is Arjana Rudari. I was born and raised in a small town in Kosovo. I was the recipient of multiple scholarships from universities within and beyond Europe. After successfully completing my high school studies, I enrolled at the University of Prishtina, in the Department of Applied Economics in Business Management. During my time at university, I participated in a number of different international conferences. I won an Erasmus+ scholarship to study for a semester at Riga Technical University, prior to which I had completed an internship at the Ministry of Environment. After graduation, I was the project coordinator and manager at an NGO. I’ve dedicated most of my time to fighting various issues that are still present within our communities such as gender inequality, racism, and youth unemployment. I’m driven by dreams and passions. My work ethic and determination will not allow for my dreams to remain unfulfilled, so I’m always in a quest for a better tomorrow, while simultaneously growing and evolving.

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