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Ardit Berisha



EU integration, Arts and culture, Human rights


My name is Ardit. In 2018 I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Law. Furthermore, in 2021 I finished my Master’s in Criminal Law. I am also the founder of the student organization ‘Student Voice’. During my time in this organization, I strongly advocated for the rights of my fellow students at the University. In 2017, I was elected as the Student Representative in the highest body of the University ‘Haxhi Zeka’ in Peja. I have always focused and attached great importance to improving and raising the capabilities of young people and students. I have organized many studying and recreational activities, some of which have also been peaceful marches.
Neighbourliness and good relations within the region are the topics that preoccupy me. We must really commit ourselves to them in order to overcome the distrust and establish a lasting peace in the Balkans. I will use all my intellectual and human capacity to be a strong voice defending human rights, the communities we live with, and interest groups in Kosovo and beyond.


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