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Anja Kafedziska



Music, Youth activism, Environment


My name is Anja Kafedžiska, I’m 19 years old and I’m from Vranje. I’m currently a student at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law. I’ve been an activist and volunteer since I was 14. I’m a founder of the Youth NGO “Our world, our rules”, which aims to make young people heard and support their interests in culture, sports, EU integration, media literacy, environmental protection, health and human rights. My experience includes writing several project proposals across different fields and I am always trying to improve my skills by participating in various workshops, seminars, ERASMUS+ training and initiating debates and peer-to-peer training – mostly on the topic of ecology and gender equality. So far I have launched numerous local activities, including eco-quizzes, musical performances, plays and several Ceremonial Academies. I also attended music school, played the piano and sang jazz. I’m a member of the theatre and I’ve combined my love for acting and activism by working on resolving the issue of sexism among young people, which has resulted in the creation of a play called “The Principle of the Decollete” funded by RYCO and UNFPA. I’ve completed the School of Human Rights organised by the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights.

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