Anja Kafedziska



Music, Youth activism, Environment


My name is Anja Kafedžiska. I’m a fourth-grade high-school student and I also attend music school and play the piano. I’m a founder of the youth-driven CSO ‘Our World, Our Rules,’ which aims to raise the voices of youth and support them with their interests in culture, sports, EU integration, tourism, environmental protection, health, and humanitarian actions. My experience includes writing a number of project proposals across different fields, and I continually attempt to improve my skills by participating in various workshops, seminars, and training and initiating debates and peer-to-peer training – mostly on the topic of ecology. So far we have launched a number of local activities, some of them being eco-quizzes, musical-scene performances that I coordinated, a children’s play called ‘Fairy Tale from the Park,’ and three ceremonial academies. All of the above-mentioned activities received tremendous turnouts and huge support from the local community. I am also a member of the city choir, the Bora Stanković Theatre, as well as several school organizations including those on literature, journalism, drama, and the environment. I’ve acted in many plays. At the national level, some of my achievements include the Literary Olympiad for which I won third place, a geo-challenge for which I won first place, and two literary competitions for which I also came in first.

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