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Amina Hodžić

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Environmental protection, Arts and culture, Human rights


I am Amina, an emerging journalist, activist and peacebuilder. I am 19 years old and I live in a small town on nine rivers, Sanski Most. I graduated from Mechanical Engineering High School, with focus on CNC programming. I participated in numerous online and offline training sessions. I intend to continue my education in the field of media and journalism. I am a member of the Youth Journalist Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina, trained to report on economic topics in the media. I had the opportunity to go through the theoretical and practical parts of leading a radio show at Radio Active in Zenica. 

I have been a volunteer at the Centre for Peacebuilding for two years and active in the field of youth activism. The Centre has shaped me as a person: it removed my prejudices and broadened my horizons. In an effort to try to do something new and different, and as a person particularly interested in the area of culture and art, I founded and ran the “Readers Club” in my city as part of the Centre for Peacebuilding.


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