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Amila Memić

Bosnia and Herzegovina


EU integration, Human rights


My name is Amila Memić, I am from Mostar and I am 27 years old. European values have always been a significant part of my journey. I have a BA in Law and I am about to start a LL.M. programme in Civil Law whose curriculum has various EU-dedicated courses. An important part of my educational path has been marked by volunteering in UNICEF’s law clinic ‘Pravda za svako dijete’ (‘Justice for Every Child’), focused on children’s rights and providing free legal aid to underprivileged citizens. Projects like this are crucial for our society because a great number of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina do not have access to courts. In addition, I participated in various informal international education programmes such as the UNHCR’s Refugee Law Clinic, USAID and Emmaus’ Victim-centred Approach to Prevention of Trafficking in Persons in BiH, OSCE II School of Media Law on freedom of expression on social media and European Youth Parliament Days 2019.

I truly believe in the importance of the rule of law, EU values and EU integration since it can contribute to correcting flaws in our legal and judicial system, help our economy flourish and stop the brain drain of youth.


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