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Aljoša Palija

Bosnia and Herzegovina




My name is Aljoša Palija. Growing up in a little town in Bosnia and Herzegovina with diverse nationalities which speak “different”, yet similar languages, in this war-torn former Yugoslav country had, had a lasting effect on me. It raised a lot of questions in me. Remembering the confusion, when the UN peacekeeper soldiers would patrol in the streets of my hometown, handing us candy just before the winter holidays, giving us a ride in jeeps and making us feel secure. The question flashing my mind was: Why were they doing all of it? It has certainly prompted many unanswered questions. As time flew by I was thinking about these scenarios, my refugee history about my people, our mark, our influence and overall place in modern day European society.

When I enrolled at the University of Novi Sad in the department of history, I didn’t have the slightest idea of what numerous opportunities, experiences, growing and learning awaited me opening this new chapter in my life. The day that I found I wanted to represent my country, its history, cultures, traditions, mentality and beliefs was when I first got accepted to a seminar organized by DAReC (Danube Area and Research Center) and EdA (Europäische DonauAkademie).

I have graduated first in class of 2020, founded 2 non-governmental organizations, studied abroad, stood on three continents (Europe, North America and Asia) and over 20 countries, representing my country in various seminars, forums and conferences. All my interest, motivation, ambition and skills regarding international relations, social skills, project management and leadership grew to the point in which I have found myself surrounded by the revered people with the same above stated things willing to make new changes in our, European society or in society as a whole.


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