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Aleksandra Grbović Bitić



EU integration, Arts and culture, Technology


My name is Aleksandra Grbović Bitić. I am 21 years old, and I am pursuing two bachelor’s degrees in Law and Astronomy in Belgrade. During high school, I participated in several international competitions, workshops and seminars, as well as volunteered for non-governmental organizations. I have been a dedicated member of the non-governmental organization United Nations Association of Serbia for several years, where I have participated in projects such as ‘Dialogue Café’ and Global Diplomacy, and presided over various UN Committees at both the Belgrade International Model UN (BIMUN) and other international MUNs. I founded a non-profit organization called Udruženje za Savremenu Edukaciju Mladih – USEM (Association for Contemporary Youth Education). The idea was to not only ensure educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth in Serbia but also assist young people in realizing their full potential through the implementation of wide range of creative programs that combine arts, sciences, and technology with various forms of social activities.
Through the YEA network, I intend to engage more young people, promote EU involvement in Serbia’s educational reform and raise awareness among Serbian youth regarding educational opportunities in the EU.


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