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Ajla Kuluglic

Bosnia and Herzegovina


EU integration, Environmental protection, Human rights, Health and well-being


My name is Ajla Kuluglić and I am 24 years old. I have a Law degree and I am currently studying for Master’s Degree Programs in Law and Economics. As human rights were my love from an early age, I have combined them with sustainable development and economic progress, therefore my main field of study is human rights in development. I strongly believe that all human beings on this planet deserve a healthy and sustainable environment. From 2019 until now, I have attended a large number of international seminars and workshops, where I improved my knowledge on human rights, democracy and development. Those activities provided me with the opportunity to meet a lot of young people from different organizations and political parties from all around the world, who share the same opinions and concerns when it comes to sustainability of our planet Earth. 

All these experiences and real-life stories are reasons why I found following EU policies for protecting and improving the environment very important for Western Balkans and the world. Activism is my rent for living on the Planet.


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