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Adrijana Nikitovic



Film and photography, Youth activism, Sport


My name is Adrijana Nikitovic and I am a Political Science-International Relations student from Belgrade, Serbia. I am currently the voice of young people from the Western Balkans through my engagement in the WeBalkans project, as a Country Coordinator for Serbia and a Young European Ambassador. Through my involvement in the Youth Forum of the European Movement in Serbia, I advocate for topics such as human rights, education, gender equality and ecology. In Serbia, I worked on a Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development project as a PR team member, to promote dual education, and volunteered in more than 20 sports championships and international tournaments. My international experience derives from participation in long-term EVS in Croatia, where I used to work for an NGO-Roma National Council, and from many youth exchanges, training courses and seminars as a part of the Erasmus Plus program. I was an activist of “thistimeImvoting” campaign, which is the official campaign of the European Parliament, intending to promote European values and motivate young people to vote, and I am continuing my activism by joining the “” campaign.


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