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WeGreen – the youth goes clean

21 January 2021

18:00 CET


About YEA events

The Young European Ambassadors are now proud hosts of their own events! Following their online event management webinar, the YEAs have bravely taken on the role of event creators, and have come up with topics that are of high interest to young people across the Western Balkans – the EU, culture, environment, human rights, economy, and youth engagement.
Between December 2020 and March 2021, young people from the Western Balkans, the EU, and the world will be able to tune in and participate in these creative, tailor-made YEA webinars. Follow our channels for exact dates, and follow the profiles of the YEAs for more information!

About this event

The second tailor-made YEA event is dedicated to one of the most important topics for humankind – environmental protection and the health of our planet. As YEAs are aware that the change starts from each of us individually, they have selected a set of topics close to young people of the Western Balkans, and they are eager to address them and spread the word.

The first panel will be dedicated to achieving zero waste, focusing on what has been done in the area of circular economy, as well as what the youth of Western Balkans can do.
The second panel will focus on the challenges of pollution and methods of prevention. Most importantly, it will highlight young people’s role in this process.

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  1. 18:00 - 18:05

    18:00 - 18:05

    Welcome by Vojdan Uzunov, YEA North Macedonia

  2. 18:05 - 18:10

    18:05 - 18:10

    Welcome Video

  3. 18-10 – 18:30

    18-10 – 18:30

    Panel 1 – Youth faced with waste: achieving zero waste

    Ms Alessandra Sgobbi – Team Leader Centre of Thematic Expertise on Connectivity, Environment – European Commission, DG Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations

    Ms Andjela Djurašković – Founder of Eko Korijen

    Ms Ermelinda Mahmutaj – Executive Director of EDEN Center

    Ms Xhuljana Mucaj – YEA Albania

  4. 18:30 – 18:35

    18:30 – 18:35

    Live Interaction – Q&A

  5. 18:35 – 18:50

    18:35 – 18:50

    Creative Break

  6. 18:50 - 19:15

    18:50 - 19:15

    Panel 2 – Youth’s solution for pollution

    Mr Besfort Kosova – Green Cross Project Manager, Balkan Green Foundation

    Ms Vafire Muharemi – Programme Coordinator for Climate Change and Sustainable Development Education, Go Green Platform.

    Mr Dion Deva – CEO and Co-Founder of TePema

    Ms Tijana Ljubenović – Coordinator of Eco – System Project, Young Researchers of Serbia

    Ms Arjana Rudari – YEA Kosovo

  7. 19:15 – 19:20

    19:15 – 19:20

    Live Interaction Q&A

  8. 19:20 – 19:30

    19:20 – 19:30

    Wrap Up

Meet the speakers

Panel 1

Alessandra Sgobbi


Alessandra Sgobbi

Team Leader, the Centre of Thematic Expertise on Connectivity and Environment of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Neighbourhood & Enlargement Negotiations, Brussels, Belgium

Since the beginning of 2020, she co-chairs the Adaptation Committee, the principal body providing expert guidance on adaptation and ensuring that adaptation is addressed coherently under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Previously, Alessandra coordinated the European Commission’s team dealing with international climate change negotiations on adaptation and loss and damage, as well as adaptation issues in least developed countries in the Directorate General for Climate Action. Before joining the European Commission, she was Environmental Affairs Officer at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, focusing on green and sustainable development in the continent.

Alessandra Sgobbi holds a PhD in Analysis and Governance of Sustainable Development, School for Advanced Studies in Venice Foundation (Italy) and a M.Sc. in Environment and Resource Economics, University College London (UK).

Anđela Djurašković


Anđela Djurašković

Founder and CEO, Eko-Korijen, Podgorica, Montenegro

She holds a Master’s degree in Political Science-Environmental Policy, and a number of significant international experiences, including being a guest speaker at the meeting of OSCE’s Economic and Environmental Committee in 2020, being the only young journalist from the Balkans to receive the students’ grant to attend the World Conference of Science Journalists in 2017, and representing Montenegro at the first Youth Sustainability Summit in 2013. Recently, her focus has been on utilizing online platforms as teaching tools for raising the ecological awareness of people of various backgrounds in her language area. That focus brought her to collaborate with stakeholders such as the EU delegation in Montenegro, Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, University of Donja Gorica in Podgorica, and many others.

Ermelinda Mahmutaj


Ermelinda Mahmutaj

Executive director, The Eden Center, Tirana, Albania

Mrs. Ermelinda Mahmutaj, PhD, Non for-profit Executive in EDEN center, a researcher at the University of Tirana and a CCNet Europe Coacher. She is working more than 10 years in civil society in environmental sector in Albania and has extensive knowledge and active contribution in environmental policies,good governance, environmental legislation and EU requirements, multi stakeholders` engagement, public assessments, public relations and advocacy, project design and management, facilitation, training, coaching to local government, CSOs, businesses, marginalized communities, youth, general public etc. She is an active member of National Council for Civil Society for the field of economic, territorial and environmental development, National Advisory Group for Environmental Crime and a notable public speaker.

Xhuljana Mucaj


Xhuljana Mucaj

Young European Ambassador Albania

Xhuljana is a professional lawyer who is currently working as a legal consultant close to the Municipality of Tirana. Being in possession of a double major in Law and Business Administration has helped her better understand the way in which legal concepts are associated with finance and administration. Throughout the years, she has always been interested in matters that are of concern to society, in particular, the management of solid waste in Tirana, which is now a major concern. As a YEA, she would like to propose several legal acts and targets to be put in place to improve Tirana’s waste management issue.

Panel 2

Besfort Kosova


Besfort Kosova

Project Manager of the Green Cross, Balkan Green Foundation, Prishtina, Kosovo

His education consists of a master’s degree in Public Policy – International Development Policy – Duke University, with a keen interest in energy and environmental issues. He has experience as intern in similar organizations, such as NC Warn, and local organization such as Community Building Mitrovica, 7 arte, that advocate for sustainable development.

Vafire Muharemi

North Macedonia

Vafire Muharemi

Program Coordinator for Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Go Green Platform, Skopje, North Macedonia

Vafire has been managing local, national and international projects, mainly funded by Erasmus+ program. As a trainer she has delivered seven international TC on creative writing and emotional intelligence as her field of expertise. Go Green is an association for sustainable development and environmental protection. They are located in the city of Skopje in the North Macedonia.

Dion Deva


Dion Deva

CEO and Co-Founder, TePema, Prishtine, Kosovo

Te Pema is a green and sustainable design living space solutions company. They produce the product by the same name – TE PEMA, which is an awareness-raising technological product that improves the quality of air.The product consists of the panel installation, plants, and the integrated irrigation system that allows plants to be fresh all the time and purify the air at maximum capacity. What makes TE PEMA product even more interesting is that it cleanses the air in equivalence to 70 trees.

Tijana Ljubenović


Tijana Ljubenović

Project Coordinator, Young Researchers of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

Tijana has been with the Young Researchers of Serbia since 2009. She joined as a young activist. Since 2015 she has been the coordinator of the Aarhus Center and activist group, and since 2016 she has been a member of the board. From 2013, she has been the contact person for communication with the international network of environmental non-governmental organizations Youth and Environment of Europe (YEE), where she was a member of the board for a period. She has participated in many projects and international trainings related to the environment and sustainability, project management and sustainability of the civil sector, where she acquired knowledge and skills in these areas. She is a participant in the first Climate KIC Pioneer program in Serbia, where she worked on one of the challenges related to climate change in Serbia, as well as the UNDP Training for the establishment of Green Start-up.

Arjana Rudari


Arjana Rudari

Young European Ambassador Kosovo

After successfully completing high school studies, Arjana enrolled at the University of Pristina, in the Department of Applied Economics in Business Management. During her time at university, she participated in a number of different international conferences. She won an Erasmus+ scholarship to study for a semester at Riga Technical University, prior to which she had completed an internship at the Ministry of Environment. She is driven by dreams and passions. Her work ethic and determination will not allow her dreams to remain unfulfilled, so she is always in a quest for a better tomorrow, while simultaneously growing and evolving.