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Webinar on Podcasts

25 – 26 March 2021

17:00 CET

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What is this course about?

The fourth webinar for YEAs will be all about podcasts and the way to plan them, produce them and make a story for the world out of them.

You will learn from one of the most popular podcasters in the Western Balkans today and an ex-host at MTV Adria Galeb Nikacevic how to discuss about the topics that interest you with some of your favourite people – and let the world join.


Galeb Nikačević


Galeb Nikačević

The former face of MTV Adria, Galeb is a well-known TV personality who quickly became one of Serbia’s most famous TV hosts. Boasting extensive media experience, he was a host for Metropolis television, a journalist and editor with the digital media and broadcasting company VICE, and is currently the editor of the Internet portal Noizz. Galeb has also launched his own Podcast.

Among the first guests on his channel were his long-time friends Tijana Todorović, Srećko Horvat, and Zoran Kesić. He discusses everyday topics on his podcasts with his friends from the worlds of art, music, literature, and civil activism – right in his own living room. Galeb also has a podcast on the VICE portal, and his most recent output was an extensive interview in Original Magazine on the #blacklivesmatter movement.

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