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Coffee with YEA

Episode 5

Adi Softic with Bogdan Stevanovic

15 November 2021

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About this Event

Watch this episode of “Coffee with YEA” where our Young European Ambassador Adi Softic interviews Bogdan Stevanovic.

Blogdan is a blogger, writer and activist. The excerpt from his biography says: “I write a blog because I am at war with words in my head, so we sign truces on paper. I do not write to prove myself right but to be happy. A man gains nothing by being right and has everything when he is happy”. He created a project World accessible to all, established with the aim of providing information on tourist destinations to people who use wheelchairs. He is one of the founders of the student initiative Show a Little That You Care and the humanitarian action Take a Step. He is the winner of the award for contribution to philanthropy in Serbia for 2017, which is awarded by the Trag Foundation. Choosing the name Blogdan, he has been writing a blog of the same name since December 2014, which has gathered more than 100,000 followers in two years. Stories from the blog were broadcast by leading online and print media in the region. The first book, Ink Coatings, published by Vulkan Publishing, was printed in five editions, with 50 RSD of each copy sold being donated to the “National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer” – NURDOR. He published his second book, On the Other Side of the Cover, at the beginning of 2019. Bogdan is a TEDx speaker and columnist. More about him on blogdan.rs

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