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Environment and climate/Clean energy

Climate change is the defining crisis of our time. Our environment and ecosystems are under ever-increasing pressure. The Western Balkans is one of the regions in Europe most affected by climate change, and this trend is expected to continue. The EU has been supporting programmes on the environment in the Western Balkans for many years.

Explore more in our Climate action, Environmental protection and Energy thematic section.

But much more is needed – and this is where the EU Economic and Investment Plan (EIP) comes in. In line with the ambitions of the European Green Deal to reach climate neutrality by 2050 – meaning that we will produce no more greenhouse gases than our ecosystems can absorb – protecting the natural environment and tackling climate change are at the heart of the EIP, and the flanking Green Agenda for the Western Balkans.
With the EIP, we will:

Ambition to action

Take a look at the ‘green’ projects that will come to life under the EIP investment flagships.


  • Renovating Fierza Hydro Power Plant and advancing construction of Skavica Hydro Power Plant in Albania
  • Expanding the Piva Hydro Power System in Montenegro
  • Preparing construction of the Ibèr-Lepenc Hydro System Phase II in Kosovo
  • Advancing wind park and solar power plant investments in North Macedonia


  • Constructing the Fier-Vlora gas pipeline in Albania
  • Completing the gas interconnector Bosnia Herzegovina - Croatia
  • Constructing the North Macedonia - Kosovo gas interconnection, and extending the ongoing investment of the North Macedonia - Greece interconnector
  • Preparing work on the North Macedonia - Serbia gas interconnection
  • Completing the Trans - Balkan Electricity Transmission Corridor in Serbia as part of interconnection between Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Supporting the tripling of the current renovation rate and energy savings in existing buildings


  • Completing wastewater treatment plants in Skopje and Pristina
  • Carrying out an environmental investment programme in Serbia, comprising modernised waste water treatment projects for large and medium sized towns
  • Developing integrated regional waste management systems in Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia, alongside the closure of non-compliant landfills
  • Setting up proper air and water monitoring systems and pollution prevention measures

You can find out all the details in our EIP brochure

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