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Sustainable transport

Better transport links and infrastructure can transform a region or community, and drive growth and wider benefits. However, transport infrastructure in the Western Balkans lags behind much of the rest of Europe, in both quality and density. A legacy of poorly maintained and fragmented networks has hampered growth and integration within the region, and with the EU. This also has knock-on effects on trade, safety and the environment.

The EU has been contributing to improving infrastructure in the Western Balkans over decades, yet there remains much to do.

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That’s why we’re stepping up investment in transport in the region through the EIP to bring about faster, safer, greener transport solutions. Better links within the region, and with the EU, will improve the quality of life for everyone, and help businesses compete across Europe and beyond. With the EIP, we will:

Ambition to action

Take a look at the ‘connectivity’ projects that will come to life under the EIP investment flagships.


  • Completing the “Peace Highway” linking Pristina in Kosovo with Niš in Serbia
  • Modernising of the rail corridor south-east from Hungary through the region to Bulgaria, Greece and beyond
  • Advancing “Rail Corridor X” linking Serbia and Croatia as well as upgrading the rail link to North Macedonia
  • Advancing “Rail Corridor VIII” between Skopje and the Bulgarian border
  • Progressing on demining the Sava River and addressing bottlenecks on the Danube River


  • Completing 75% of the main north-south road axis (“Corridor Vc”) linking central Europe capitals through Bosnia and Herzegovina to the port of Ploče on the Adriatic coast
  • Upgrading the rail connection along the same “Corridor Vc”
  • Renovating “Rail Route 4” linking Belgrade to Podgorica to the Montenegrin port of Bar, and further advancing the parallel road corridor
  • Upgrading the railway route connecting Belgrade with Pristina


  • Renovating “Rail Route 2” linking the capitals of Tirana and Podgorica and extended to the port of Durrës
  • Progressing the “Blue Highway” along the coast from Croatia down to Greece

You can find out all the details in our EIP brochure

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