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Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Theme of the EU Regional Communication Programme for the Western Balkans – Young European Ambassadors (YEA) Network’s ‘Call for Applications’.

The Young European Ambassadors Network invites young people from across the Western Balkans – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia – to become leaders in their communities and inspire change across the region and the European Union. The Call for Applications (CFA) for the Young European Ambassadors Network 2020 lasted from 5th June 2020 and closed on the 15th July 2020 (CET). This was followed by the YEA online voting process, as well as the YEA Jury selection. Next years Calls for Applications will be posted and published on Terms and Conditions presented here apply at every phase of participation in Younf European Ambassadors project. Dates are subject to change in the following cycles of selection.

The Call is open to all applicants who meet the criteria outlined in Article 3.

The YEA Network provides Young European Ambassadors and Attachés with the opportunity to:
  • CONNECT through activism, creativity, the arts, communication, concern for the environment, sports, and the sharing of common values
  • CREATE by pursuing their own talents, developing their skills, and designing new ideas
  • INFLUENCE by acquiring the tools and mechanisms to promote, become a voice for, and to inspire, positive change
  • PROMOTE EU values in the most tangible way: through interaction, networking, sharing experiences and values, creating inspiring projects, and promoting creativity
  • ENHANCE cooperation and interaction among youth at both the EU and regional levels, especially in areas that naturally connect young people (such as the arts, music, social media, concern for the environment and each other, sports, etc.) towards boosting youth participation and strengthening a European identity
  • ENGAGE all relevant stakeholders across the YEA’s activities (local EU Info offices, EU projects and programmes in the Western Balkans, youth hub organisations, and relevant regional institutions) in their projects and initiatives
  • PARTICIPATE in the Youth Ambassadors Network of the EU Neighbours platform and other such EU youth platforms, to enhance peer-to-peer exchange and connections

Article 2: Application Deadline

Submission deadline: 15th July 2020 (00:00 CET)
Applications must be submitted online at the Young European Ambassadors section of the EU Regional Communication Programme for the Western Balkans website: Applications made through the submission of physical documents, letters, CVs, and so on, will not be considered as eligible applications to the YEA programme.

Article 3: Participation Requirements

According to the application process CRITERIA, a potential candidate must:
  • be between 18-29 years of age,
  • be a resident of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, or Serbia
  • be an enthusiast of one or several of the following areas: arts and design/ film and photography / music / youth activism / environmental protection / sport
  • have a good level of English
The Young European Ambassadors initiative is committed to diversity and attracting candidates from all backgrounds. In particular, young people who may not have had previous opportunities to take part in EU projects are encouraged to apply for YEA.

Additional requirements for evaluation:
  • Candidates who have not had many opportunities to participate in EU projects by May 2020 will be at an advantage
  • Candidates with no significant experience travelling to the EU for educational purposes will be at an advantage
  • Candidates with basic knowledge and passion for online activism, social media, and communication with diverse audiences will be at an advantage
Participants can only apply individually through the online application form, which details the requirements for uploading the 1-minute video submission. Incomplete applications may be saved on the system; however, they must be completed within 10 days, or be deemed ineligible.

The language to be used throughout the application and selection processes is English.

All applications must include the following information:
  • Applicant’s surname and first name
  • Place of residence
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Social media profiles (if available)
  • Completed application form
  • A submission video (average of 1 minute and a maximum of 90 MB) in any of the following file extensions: mp4, mpeg, avi, mpg, mov
  • Compliance with the Terms and Conditions
Only fully completed applications that have been submitted through the online form will be eligible for acceptance into the YEA application process. In case of technical difficulties for video upload please contact our Technical Support at: [email protected] Submission is free of charge.

For all technical issues relating to the application form on the YEA website, please contact: [email protected]

Article 4: Exclusion Criteria

Submissions that fall into any of the following categories will be deemed ineligible:
  • Applications that are incomplete or that lack mandatory information/content.
  • Applications that do not meet the criteria stated in Article 3.
  • Applications that are not submitted by the set deadline (15th July 2020, 00:00 CET).
  • Applications that violate the Terms and Conditions listed in Articles 7, 8, and 10.
Applicant(s) who do not fulfil basic eligibility criteria will not be considered in the YEA online voting process. Only eligible applicants will receive notification, and be proposed for inclusion in the voting process. Applications that are ineligible will be automatically excluded from the selection process without prior notification.

The YEA project management team has sole discretion to determine an entry’s eligibility. Entries that do not comply with formal requirements, contain offensive content, or are otherwise objectionable, will be disqualified. YEA organisers reserve the right to reject submissions/entries without providing supporting reasons or notice.
There is no legal recourse if an application is disqualified for the above-stated reasons.

For enquiries either on an application’s status, or its eligibility for the Open Online Voting process, please contact: [email protected]

Article 5: YEA Open Online Voting Process

Winners will be selected in two phases: the first being the YEA Open Online Voting process, followed by the second phase – the YEA Jury’s selection.

Once the Call for Application concludes, the Open Online Voting process will then be launched on the YEA for Western Balkans’ online section on the 20th July 2020. Online Voting will remain open until the 20th August 2020.

The names and videos of shortlisted YEA candidates, meaning those who received the highest number of votes, will be communicated on the 21st August 2020.

Article 6: Final Selection Process

Shortlisted candidates will be evaluated by the YEA Jury on the 25th August in an online public stream based on the quality of their applications, and according to a predetermined score scheme. The YEA Jury will evaluate candidates according to the four (4) main categories:
  • 1 Level of activity in the area(s) of interest expressed in the video.
  • 2 Quality of online content (text, photos, presentation of oneself) on applicant’s social media profiles.
  • 3 Prior participation experience in EU projects.
  • 4 Prior travel experience to the EU for educational purposes.
*Preference will be given to applications that contribute to cultural/ethnic/religious diversity, as well as gender equality, among the final Ambassadors and Attachés.

The YEA Jury members are chosen based on their proven expertise in fields that are of interest to the YEA Network. The decision of YEA Jury members rests solely and exclusively on their professional, creative, and personal preferences. The Jury’s decision is final and binding, with no legal recourse for appeal.

The finalists and prospective candidates of the YEA network will be notified of their results, upon their selection by the YEA Jury, on the 25th August 2020.

There is to be a period of 5 days to discuss internal negotiations and the signing of the YEA Volunteer Agreement with the EU Regional Communication Programme for the Western Balkans, during which any potential enquiries from third parties with regards to the selection process may be directed to this email address: [email protected]

The official list of YEA Ambassadors and Attachés will be published on the 1st September 2020 (00:00 CET) on the website of the EU Regional Communication Programme for the Western Balkans (YEA section), as well as the communication programme’s official channels and social media platforms.


The eligible applicants who are unsuccessful in the final YEA selection will remain in the Network’s database and be allowed to participate, share, and engage with YEA content for as long as they wish to do so, and as much as they want. Their contact information will also remain in the EU Regional Communication Programme for the Western Balkans database for potential future events and activities, from which they can request to opt out at any time.

Article 7: Video/Photo Content and Intellectual Property Rights

Video clips to be uploaded to the YEA application form may be in the following file extensions mp4, mpeg, avi, mpg, mov, have an average duration of 1 minute, and be up to 90 MB in size. Video clips that do not meet these standards will not be considered.

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, applicants authorise Pomilio Blumm srl :
  • - to use without restriction photographs and/or films bearing their image as described above in all types of publications, and in any form of televisual broadcasting or communication via the Internet;
  • - to include and archive these photographs and/or films in the Pomilio Blumm and European Union’s online databases, accessible online to the public, and free of charge. Third parties that have access to these databases may use said photographs and/or films in compliance with the EC's Decision on the re-using of the Commission's documents (2011/833/EU) for informational or educational purposes only, in order to illustrate or promote activities or projects of European institutions and the European Union in the past, present, and future.

Pomilio Blumm guarantees that personal data relating to applicants are processed according to the rules set by Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 of the European Parliament and the Council of 23 October 2018 (repealing Regulation (EC) No 45/2001). Data may be archived by the European Commission.

The applicant understands that as the data’s subject, they have the right to access data, be informed on the existence and extent of data processing, rectify incorrect personal data, and oppose further processing, on serious and legitimate grounds.

To exercise these rights, please contact Pomilio Blumm at the following address: [email protected]

More information on data protection and privacy policy is set out in Article 10 of these terms and conditions.

Article 8: Responsibility and Fair Play

Pomilio Blumm reserves the right to disqualify and/or exclude a participant in the event that the presented Terms and Conditions are not respected, and/or unacceptable behaviour is demonstrated at any point throughout the duration of the project.

The European spirit, fair contest, respect, friendship, team spirit, equality, respect for written and unwritten rules such as integrity, solidarity, tolerance, care, excellence, and joy, form the building blocks of the ‘fair play’ concept that is being promoted by the network.

Young European Ambassadors and Attachés are allowed to seek any professional activities. However, if accepted in an EU funded project or in an EU body / EU Delegation or similar, Pomilio Blumm and the European Commission reserve the right to decide, on a case by case basis, whether this is compatible with the YEA function.

Pomilio Blumm and the European Commission reserves the right to be the deciding party in the event of unforeseen circumstances, or in the amendment of rules, during the course of the entire duration of the project.

Article 9: Disability Policy

The Young European Ambassadors Network of the EU Regional Communication Programme for the Western Balkans welcomes applications from young people with disabilities who satisfy the general application criteria. A youth ambassador who is selected by both the Open Online Voting and YEA Jury processes will not be excluded on account of their disability. The Network will, to the best of its efforts, ensure that a member with disabilities is able to fully participate in all its events – including online activities and travel functions – as agreed with the participant.

Article 10: Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Pomilio Blumm guarantees that personal data relating to applicants are processed according to the rules set by Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 of the European Parliament and the Council of 23 October 2018 (repealing Regulation (EC) No 45/2001). Data may be archived by the European Commission.

Data requested will only be used for the purpose of selecting chosen applicants and enabling the activities of the YEA Network.

The Privacy Statement of the EU Communication Programme for the Western Balkans explains to applicants the way in which the project uses their personal data and how the privacy of said data is protected. The Privacy Statement guide for this project can be found at the following link:

Applicants may exercise the right to recourse at any time to the European Data Protection Supervisor.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, candidates give their consent to the processing of their personal data to the extent necessary for the achievement of the purposes mentioned above.

Article 11: Applicable Law

This project is governed by EU law. The Court of Justice of the European Union shall have sole jurisdiction to hear any dispute between the Union and any beneficiary concerning the interpretation, application, or validity of the rules of this project, if such dispute cannot be settled amicably.

Article 12: Complaints

Potential complaints and enquiries concerning the Western Balkans’ Communication Programme for the YEA Network can be directed to this email: [email protected]
Pomilio Blumm reserves the right to terminate complaint procedure at any moment if inappropriate behaviour or tone of voice are demonstrated on behalf of complainer.

Article 13: Responsibility and Force Majeure

Pomilio Blumm srl and/or the European Commission cannot be held accountable for any form of harmful online behaviour outside of the channels controlled and managed by the organisers themselves.

Pomilio Blumm srl and/or the European Commission cannot be held responsible for the cancellation, postponement, or modification of the dates or activities of the Western Balkans’ Communication Programme for the YEA Network due to unforeseen circumstances.

Article 14: Acceptance of Conditions

Participation in any part of the Young European Ambassadors project implies full acceptance of the above regulations.

Article 15: Help Desk

A help desk will be made available should you have any doubts or if you require further information. Please refer to the following email: [email protected]

I have read and accepted all the Rules and Conditions concerning the application process for the Young European Ambassadors Network of the EU Regional Communication Programme for the Western Balkans, and all its future activities.