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The European Union Supports the Vibrant Cultural Heritage of the Western Balkans


The European Union is committed to preserving and promoting the vibrant and unique cultural heritage of the Western Balkans. Through thousands of EU-funded projects, the region’s rich cultural landscape is being revitalised, fostering unity and collaboration across borders

Cultural Cooperation in the Western Balkans (CC4WB)

To enhance cultural collaboration and development in the Western Balkans, the EU has launched the Cultural Cooperation in the Western Balkans (CC4WB) programme. This EU-funded initiative, implemented by UNESCO in collaboration with the British Council and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, supports public authorities, cultural and creative organisations, businesses, civil society, and individual professionals with a budget of €8 million​​.

Bridging Cultures and Communities

Mirjana, a young filmmaker from Sarajevo, participated in a CC4WB cross-regional film project, collaborating with artists from Serbia, North Macedonia, and Montenegro. Her film, exploring themes of youth and aspiration, resonated across the Balkans, showing how culture can connect people and foster a shared sense of hope and new beginnings​​.

Amplifying Local Voices

CC4WB amplifies local voices, showcasing the unique cultural assets of the Western Balkans to a broader European audience. The “Voices of the Balkans” music festival united traditional and contemporary musicians, drawing thousands of visitors and boosting local tourism while celebrating the region’s diverse musical heritage​​.

Fostering Economic and Social Development

CC4WB also contributes to the economic and social development of the region. By investing in creative industries, the programme generates employment, stimulates local economies, and attracts international investment. It empowers underrepresented groups through workshops, training sessions, and mentorship programmes for young artists, women, and minorities​​.

Sustainable Cultural Impact

Sustainability is a key part of CC4WB. Projects like the “Heritage Trails” initiative promote cultural tourism while involving local communities in preserving and interpreting their cultural heritage. These efforts ensure that the cultural treasures of the Western Balkans are safeguarded for future generations​​.

Creative Europe: A Broader Vision for Cultural Unity

Transitioning from regional cooperation to a broader European context, the Creative Europe programme plays a pivotal role in uniting cultural and creative sectors across the continent. With a budget of €2.4 billion for 2021-2027, Creative Europe supports the cultural and creative sectors, including audiovisual, across Europe, which include the Western Balkans. This programme fosters unity through cross-border cooperation and can support cultural revitalisation through a wide array of artistic and cultural collaborations​​.

Fostering Connections through Culture

Creative Europe has been a catalyst for change, empowering individuals and fostering connections across the region. Ana, a young Macedonian filmmaker, used Creative Europe funding to document the oral histories of her region, collaborating with artists and historians from Serbia, Albania, and Kosovo. This project focused on shared heritage that transcends modern borders​​ and produced a series of documentaries, audio recordings, and a digital archive focused on shared heritage that transcends modern borders.

Emir, a Bosnian musician, blends traditional Balkan instruments with modern jazz influences. Through a Creative Europe-funded project, “Balkan Jazz Fusion,” his band performed across Europe, connecting with new audiences and other musicians, showcasing the power of cultural exchange​​.

Empowering Women in the Arts

Creative Europe also empowers women in the arts. Lina, a young painter from Montenegro, showcased her work in galleries across Italy and France through a Creative Europe-supported visual arts project. This exposure brought new perspectives to her work, challenging and refining her artistic expression​​.

The Road Ahead

Both CC4WB and Creative Europe continue to adapt to the evolving cultural and political landscapes of the Western Balkans. These programmes are important parts of the EU’s commitment to the region’s cultural prosperity and unity. They illustrate the transformative power of cultural diplomacy and cooperation in regions marked by historical divides​​​​.

The European Union supports the vibrant and unique cultural heritage of the Western Balkans through thousands of EU-funded projects that foster collaboration across borders and enrich the region’s cultural landscape. These programmes celebrate the region’s rich cultural diversity while promoting a shared heritage and mutual respect. As they continue to evolve, the stories of individuals like Mirjana, Ana, Emir, and Lina highlight the profound impact of cultural cooperation in building a more cohesive, vibrant, and unified European future.

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