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A Big Step: Bosnia and Herzegovina Starts Joining the EU

A sign for BiH for better things and togetherness for the people.


Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has got the green light to start joining the European Union. This news has made people across the country feel very hopeful about the future. It’s not just a change in world politics; it’s a sign of better things and togetherness for the people living there.


Businesses Getting Ready for Changes

Milijan Mirković, a well-known person from the Employers’ Association in Brčko District, shares what the business people think. “The EU is giving us good news. We are ready to get better and follow EU rules,” he says. “It’s like getting ready for a big football match. We have to work hard.” This shows that businesses are excited but also know they have a lot to do. Being part of the EU will make trading easier and help BiH businesses be more successful.

Schools and Universities Want to Grow

Teachers and students are also excited. Professor Srđan Lalić, head of the Economics Faculty in Brčko, talks about the big advantages. “This is a great chance for us to improve how we work,” he says. “We want to make our courses better and work well with local and international jobs.” He’s proud that they are working with top universities in the EU.


Hopes for a Better Future Together

The thoughts of Mirković and Lalić are just small examples of the excitement in BiH. Young people, especially, see how joining the EU could change things for the better. Arijel Kurtagić from Bihać is looking forward to travelling more easily and finding work in the EU. “The future seems nearer,” he says, excited about what could happen.


In smaller places like Lukavac, Ademir Ćosićkić sees how joining the EU can help not just big cities but also small towns grow, like in tourism.


Anastasija Katić from Gradiška thinks this is a chance to start projects that can make big changes, like reducing poverty.


In Mostar, Amila Memić hopes that joining the EU will mean better protection for everyone.


Ajla Kuluglić from Tuzla is excited for more projects and better ways of living. “Living better isn’t just a hope, it’s a real plan,” she says, ready for the good changes that joining the EU will bring.


Many people in BiH are dreaming about joining the EU. They include business leaders wanting successful markets, teachers hoping for better education, and young people like Arijel, Ademir, Anastasija, Amila, and Ajla, who are waiting for easier travel and better chances.


With the happy celebrations in Sarajevo, it’s clear that joining the EU is a big deal for BiH. It will add to Europe’s rich mix with its special culture and big hopes.

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