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Social Media Policy

Our Facebook and Instagram profiles are intended to be a space of dialogue, encounter and sharing. We are willing to hear your reactions and opinions and we welcome a wide range of views.

In order to encourage a positive debate, however, comments or posts which do not respect the following conditions may be removed, and users who persist in publishing inappropriate content may be banned from the page.

Offensive content:
Please avoid obscenity and insulting language so as to show respect for fellow platform users. We will not allow any form of hate speech or discrimination (e.g. by race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political view, etc.*).

Posting unsolicited messages (i.e. advertising and promotion), incongruous or off-topic comments, as well as copy/paste messaging across posts, will be considered spamming.

Personal information:
Please avoid sharing any sensitive data and information, either belonging to you or third parties.

Please note that:
Our social media channels are monitored from 9AM to 6PM (UTC+2).
Response time to your messages may be long, due to the amount of requests we receive daily.
The social media pages do not represent the official view of the EC or the EU institutions. The European Commission accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to its content.
*The list is not to be intended as exhaustive.

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