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YEAs participate in “Sve počinje Izborom” in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 28 September, Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) from Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in three street actions in Banja Luka, Mostar and Sarajevo that were organised under the EU Delegation “Sve počinje Izborom” campaign which aims to motivate people to vote in the elections on 2 October.


During these street actions, YEAs had the opportunity to talk with residents of these cities about their expectations from the elections, but also about the forms of political participation. Together with EU officials, they also started a clock that marked the number of minutes until the start of the elections.


YEAs who participated in these activities included Anastasija Katić in Banja Luka, Ena Porča and Hadžera Selimović in Mostar, and Nejra Gurbeta and Šerif Salihović in Sarajevo. YEAs said that they were very proud to be part of this campaign, and that they were happy to see that many people were interested in the action, mentioning the importance of youth participation in the elections.

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