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YEAs AL meet with MEP Isabel Santos

On March 27 2024, in Europe House Tirana, Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) convened a meeting with Isabel Santos, the European Parliament Rapporteur for Albania. The gathering aimed to delve into Albania’s endeavors concerning its accession process to the European Union.


With 11 YEAs present out of approximately 16 participants, the session centered on exchanging views on Albania’s progress toward EU membership. A key focus was the youth perspective on the challenges inherent in this process and exploring avenues through which YEAs could effectively communicate the significance of EU accession to young people.


Among the YEAs in attendance were Daniela Kortoçi, Ema Meçaj, Erid Rama, Jursi Temali, Kolindo Vjerdha, Loreta Gjoni, Mirjon Mulgeci, Serona Kolaveri, Stjuart Islamaj, Silvana Farruku, and Xhuljana Mucaj.


The meeting provided a platform for constructive dialogue between YEAs and Isabel Santos, facilitating a deeper understanding of the EU accession journey and the role of youth in advocating for and participating in this transformative process.

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