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Workshop on recycling presented in secondary school in Šid

On May 30, in the courtyard of the “Sava Šumanović” Gymnasium in Šid, a workshop on recycling was held as part of the “O-DVA-JA-MO” Household Waste Separation Project, which is being implemented by the Municipality of Šid and the Public Utility Company “Standard” Šid. The director of PUC “Standard” Šid, Milenka Subić, welcomed all those present and gave details about the participation of this municipality in the ” O-DVA-JA-MO” project:”This is one of a series of events that we are making, the first event we had was when we received the truck and equipment from this project and started implementing it, the next events concern informing our fellow citizens about the importance of separation and recycling. We thank the high school and these young people who understood this problem and who, within their school eco sections, by working on presentations such as this one, are also contributing in raising awareness of their fellow citizens.”


The “O-DVA-JA-MO” project is implemented in 17 municipalities in Serbia with the support of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia, the European Union, and the Embassy of Sweden. The goal of the project is to recycle part of the waste generated in households, in order to reduce the amount that ends up in landfills and increase the recycling rate in these municipalities to 15%.

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Photo credits: EU Delegation to Serbia

Source: EU Delegation to Serbia

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