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The Growth Plan in Motion: EU reinforces commitments to the region’s integration and economic growth

29 February 2024 – Tirana’s buzzing today as leaders from the Western Balkans got together to chat about how they can amp up their economic game with the EU’s help. EU Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement, Oliver Várhelyi, highlighted EU’s focus on the first pillar of the Growth Plan, aimed at integrating the Western Balkans with EU’s single market.  


Here’s the run-down on the top priorities under the Growth Plan’s first pillar related to the regions’ integration with EU’s single market: 


1. SEPA (Single European Payment Area): Imagine sending money without those pesky fees. SEPA’s looking to save everyone in the area a cool €500 million on the remittance front. 

2. Green Lanes 2.0: Nobody likes to wait, right? These fast tracks at borders are all about keeping trade moving and making the region a no-brainer for investors. 

3. Wifi4WB: This one’s all about getting everyone online, from city squares to the countryside, because hey, who wants to live offline? 

4. Digital Innovation Hubs: Think of these as hang out area for networking, where SMEs, start-ups, and public services get buff in digital skills. 


Commissioner Várhelyi’s excited about the energy from the region: ‘It is clear that all countries in the region have taken ownership of the Growth Plan. However, progress requires the region to move forward swiftly.’ 


As the talks wrapped up, they laid out a great roadmap for a turbo charged Western Balkans. The plan is bold and focused on the region’s swift integration and economic growth. The EU’s not just throwing funds around – it’s a sign they really want the Western Balkans to be part of the EU family. 


What comes next is all about getting down to brass tacks with plans and teamwork to make sure these dreams turn into real deals for folks living in the Western Balkans. 


As the EU and the Western Balkans join forces, the dream of a tight-knit, booming region is getting closer. This EU Growth Plan is more than just numbers – it’s about crafting a future that’s exciting with chances, stability, and a shared desire for the Western Balkans in the big European family. 

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