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19 January 2021

The European Union continues to assist Serbia in the management of migration flow


Refugees and migrants in Serbia will continue to receive support for accommodation, food, medical, and pedagogical services, as well as help in returning to their countries of origin, where appropriate, through the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration Programme. The EU Support to Serbia for Migration Management for 2021 is worth €13 million, and is part of a programme of similar support extended over the last five years. Since 2015, when the increased influx of migrants to Serbia’s territory began, the EU has donated to Serbia over €130 million for migration management.


The ongoing EU Support to Migration Management in Serbia has proved to be a key and resilient programme during the COVID-19 pandemic when, at its peak in 2020, the number of migrants accommodated in reception centres and asylum centres exceeded 9,000.  In addition, the EU has supported Serbia with more than €28 million to control its borders efficiently, thus contributing to Serbian citizens’ safety, making border crossings safer and preventing criminal activities, while ensuring swift crossing of travellers and goods.

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Photo Credit: EU Delegation Serbia

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