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Team Europe: fighting the pandemic and infodemic in the Western Balkans, including Kosovo

The European Union has continued to support Western Balkans partners in mitigating the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and providing accurate information about the spread of the virus. In mobilising a substantial recovery package and involving the region in EU programmes, the EU has confirmed its commitment to assist the Western Balkans partners in these times of crisis.


As High Representative / Vice President Josep Borrell said: “This is a time for solidarity, and it is a priority for the EU to support the Western Balkans, as part of our European family, in facing the impact of the pandemic.”


In August, the EU delivered a further 30 intensive care unit ventilators, 200 pulse oximeters, and 20 electrocardiograph machines with the fifth batch of its €5 million emergency assistance to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in Kosovo. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the EU has delivered to Kosovo 10 ambulance vehicles, 190 hospital beds, 6 000 testing kits, 150 infusion pumps, 127 patient monitors, 1.6 million protective medical gloves, 127 000 respiratory masks, 60,000 disposable coveralls, 23,000 face shields, 3,000 protective goggles, and other medical equipment. In July, the EU signed the Macro-Financial Assistance agreement with Kosovo, worth up to €100 million to mitigate the severe socio-economic consequences of the coronavirus.

This is an adaptation of an article published by the European External Action Service. Read the original article.


Photo Credit: European Union Office in Kosovo - Delivery of the EU support on medical equipment for fighting COVID-19 pandemic in Kosovo

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