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Serbia’s Green Revolution: Elektroprivreda Srbije Sets Up Wind Farm in EU-Backed Energy Shift


In a bold leap towards a cleaner future, Kostolac, a Serbian town known for its coal-powered roots, is embracing wind energy with open arms. Thanks to a hefty push from the European Union, this pioneering project marks Elektroprivreda Srbije’s first foray into wind farms, signaling a fresh, eco-friendly chapter for Serbia’s energy scene. Set to light up homes and slash carbon footprints by 2025, Kostolac’s wind farm is not just about generating power—it’s about powering change. 



In a cool move towards greener energy, the Serbian town of Kostolac is getting ready to bring wind power into the mix, alongside the usual coal. This big change is happening with help from the European Union and marks the first time Elektroprivreda Srbije, the local power company, is setting up a wind farm, not far from Belgrade. 


This new project is all about switching from coal to wind energy, right where coal mines used to be. It’s a big deal because it’s not just about keeping the environment clean, but also about creating new jobs and making sure we’re all thinking about our planet’s future. By 2025, they’re planning to have this wind farm up and running, making it a pretty exciting time for Serbia and showing everyone’s serious about green energy. 


Funded by a combination of a €31 million EU grant through the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF) and a substantial financial package from KfW Bankengruppe, the Kostolac Wind Farm will feature 20 turbines, boasting a capacity of 66 MW. Anticipated to produce 187 GWh of electricity annually, it will power around 45,000 households and significantly reduce CO2 emissions by 174,000 tonnes each year.  That will make the air cleaner for all of us. 


During a ceremonial signing in Belgrade on January 30, 2024, key stakeholders, including Serbian officials and EU and German representatives, underscored the project’s strategic significance. They spoke about how this wind farm isn’t just about Serbia going green, but it’s a big part of the EU’s plan to make the environment a priority, with the European Green Deal and Just Transition. 


Emanuele Giaufret, the EU Ambassador to Serbia, summed it up perfectly, saying, “This project is not just a proof of Serbia’s commitment to green energy but also a cornerstone of our European Green Deal and Just Transition, promoting economic development while preserving our planet and citizens.” He also mentioned how the EU is investing over €500 million into Serbia’s energy sector to make things even greener and more sustainable. 


So, the Kostolac Wind Farm is more than just wind turbines; it’s a sign that Serbia, the EU, and Germany are all in on this together, working to make energy cleaner, create jobs, and look after our planet. It’s a big step towards a greener future and a clear message to everyone, that green energy is the way to go.  


This initiative is a clear message to all generations about the importance of sustainable development and the role renewable energy plays in securing a healthier planet. 

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