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Serbia connected to the EU Digital COVID Certificate system

As of 16 November, Serbia is connected to the EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC) system. Being part of the EUDCC system means that the Serbian COVID certificate is readable on EU verifier apps but also in other countries using the same system. Likewise, the EUDCC will be readable on the verifier apps in Serbia. This will simplify the verification of information on testing, recovery or vaccination, and thus ensure safe travel. So far, the EUDCC system has been joined by 22 non-EU countries, including Albania and North Macedonia from the Western Balkans region.


The EU Digital COVID Certificate is not an entry document and therefore holders of a Serbian digital COVID certificate do not automatically have the right to enter an EU Member State. Holders of the Serbian certificate still need to check if they meet the entry requirements and carefully verify the specific conditions required by their destination Member State (including the acceptance or not of the vaccine registered on the Serbian COVID certificate). Depending on the epidemiological situation, EU Member States may ask for additional requirements such as testing or may take specific safeguarding measures for their population, such as compulsory mask wearing, restricting access to spaces such as restaurants only to vaccinated persons or persons vaccinated with specific vaccines, or quarantine measures. 

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Source: EU Delegation to Serbia

Photo credits: EU Delegation to Serbia

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