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Regional news editors meet to discuss restoring trust in media

Editors and representatives of media civil society organisations (CSOs) from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey met in Njivice, Montenegro on 13-16 October to discuss the role of editors in restoring media trust. The meeting, organised within the EU-funded ‘Resilience’ project, provided a platform for media professionals to exchange experiences on sustaining media operations that promote high-quality journalism. Constructive journalism, cross-border collaboration, countering the spread of online disinformation, and hate speech were among the topics discussed.


Stefan Janjić, the editor-in-chief at Fake News Tragač from Serbia explained that the process of countering disinformation in his country usually required countering hate speech as well. “Based on our archive, 42% of false content contains some kind of hate speech or toxic narrative. Most often this is about neighbouring nations – the absolute champions are Albanians, then Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina – and we also have migrants and the LGBT+ population,” explained Janjić. During the Editors’ Forum participants watched three documentaries about the role of the media in shaping our reality: PatkaCollective and Junk Folder.


The regional programme ‘Resilience: Civil society action to reaffirm media freedom and counter disinformation and hateful propaganda in the Western Balkans and Turkey’ is implemented with the support of the European Union.

Source: SEENPM

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