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Opportunities for Cross Border Cooperation

Projects that increase employment opportunities and social rights, improve the quality of health and social institutions, as well as those that promote tourism, protection of cultural heritage and nature will be the focus of the new Cross Border Cooperation programme between Serbia and Montenegro. The programme is financially supported by the European Union. On behalf of the EU, the new programme was signed by EU Ambassador to Serbia Emanuele Giaufret, on behalf of Serbia by the Minister for European Integration, Tanja Miščević, while on behalf of Montenegro, the State Secretary in the Ministry of European Affairs of Montenegro, Milena Žižić.


“Firstly, we are signing a new Cross Border Cooperation Programme between Serbia and Montenegro, amounting to EUR 8.4 million of EU funds”, said Ambassador Giaufret.


After the signing, 23 contracts were handed over for cooperation projects between Serbia and Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which were approved during the previous cross border agreement IPA II (2014-2020).


Cross Border Cooperation is based on needs. That is why the priorities of this instrument are based on clear assessments. Its key elements are the accession or European partnerships established by the EU with beneficiary countries, the Commission’s strategic document for enlargement and annual reports for each of the countries. Through cross border cooperation, various forms of assistance can be provided to countries implementing political and economic reforms on their way to EU membership: investments, procurement contracts or subsidies; assistance of experts from member states for the development of administrative cooperation; activities to support beneficiary countries; assistance for the implementation and management of programmes; in exceptional cases, budget support.

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Source: EU Delegation to Serbia

Photo credits: EU Delegation to Serbia

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