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14 July 2020

Niš-Sofija gas pipeline to bring natural gas supply and improve air quality in Serbia


The planned construction of the Niš-Sofija gas pipeline is set for early 2021. This new natural gas connection will open development possibilities and new markets and contribute towards a cleaner environment.


The total value of the construction work is estimated at around €85 million, of which the European Union is financing €49.6 million. Citizens and businesses of the towns of Bela PalankaPirot, and Dimitrovgrad – previously unconnected – will now have access to gas for the first time.


The main objective for constructing a gas pipeline that will link existing transport systems of Serbia and Bulgaria is to increase the security of natural gas supply for Serbia. Serbia currently only has one point of supply, on the border with Hungary. However, once the Balkan Stream gas pipeline is constructed, the role of this original gas pipeline will not be diminished. Instead, it will allow Serbian consumers to receive gas from other sources. The projected capacity of 1.8 billion cubic metres of gas a year will meet 80% of Serbia’s current gas needs.

More information: EU Delegation to Serbia

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