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“Made of us” – Campaign launch event

Europe House Podgorica

4 Trg Argentina, Podgorica, Montenegro

18 April 2023 – 16:00-19:30 CET


Meet the protagonists of this adventure, as well as the creative team managing the project behind the scenes.
Made of Us is the third regional campaign under the EU Regional Communication Programme for the Western Balkans (WeBalkans.eu), managed by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations. Through Made of Us, we want to raise awareness about opportunities created by the EU-Western Balkans partnership. The campaign is narrated by six video bloggers from the Western Balkans, joined by six from the EU, who will travel together in pairs in each of the Western Balkan Six. You will get to explore 18 EU-funded projects and dozens of unique locations through the eyes of these 12 young creatives. In 42 days, they will travel the region covering hundreds of kilometers by car to bring the local stories directly to your screen.
We are very excited to introduce this campaign to you and invite you to save the date in your calendar to join the livestream.


Danjela Lasica


Ms Danijela Lasica has been editor and journalist in TV Vijesti in Podgorica since March 2008.  She used to work at Daily Press “Vijesti”, Public Service – Radio Television Montenegro, Radio Free Montenegro , Radio Cetinje, reporting for Radio Free Europe from Podgorica. She studied at the Faculty of Law in Podgorica. Graduated from the BBC school for journalists. She has been in journalism for more than 20 years.

Oana-Cristina Popa

Head of the European Union Delegation to Montenegro

Dr Oana Cristina Popa has been the EU Ambassador and Head of the EU Delegation to Montenegro since 1 September 2020. Prior to Montenegro, she was Romania’s ambassador to Croatia and Serbia respectively. Before her career as Ambassador, she was the Head of the North America Department at the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs on Euro- Atlantic Affairs. She holds a PhD in history and international relations.

Andreina Marsella

Italian Ambassador to Montenegro

Mrs Andreina Marsella was appointed Italian Ambassador to Montenegro on 11 July 2022. During over 20 years of her diplomatic career, she has held important civil service positions at home and abroad: in Sudan, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Tunisia.

Rosalinda Whybrow

Communications Officer – Strategic Communication for Western Balkans and Turkey, DG NEAR, European Commission

Ms Rosalinda Whybrow is a Finnish-British dual national who is passionate about communicating the European Union. She has more than five years of experience in EU communication and campaigns, and has been working as Project Manager for the ‘WeBalkans’ regional communication programme at the European Commission since 2021.

Michela Di Stefano

Team Leader and Campaign Manager WeBalkans

Mrs Michela Di Stefano is an Italian enthusiast and digital lover with over 22 years of experience in communication, designing and implementing communication strategies. She has been working in Pomilio Blumm since 2017 and is the team leader and campaign manager for the communication programme of the Western Balkans. She holds a Master of Arts in Political Sciences International and a Specialization in Web Content Management and Event Project Management.

Massimo Pomilio

Creative Director WeBalkans

Mr Massimo Pomilio is CEO at Pomilio Blumm with extensive 28+ years of experience in institutional communication. Key Expert for Western Balkans and for EU Office Kosovo, EU Delegations North Macedonia, Montenegro, Africa Union, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Congo.

Emir Cirikovic

Vlogger Montenegro

Mr Emir Cirikovic is an outdoor adventure enthusiast dedicated to promoting the natural beauty of the Balkans through social media, blog posts and guided tours. His goal is to nurture economic opportunities and inspire a change in culture to preserve the wonders of his homeland. Emir’s life is about planning the next expedition and working for younger generations to build a better future.

Alice Franchi

Vlogger Italy

Ms Alice Franchi has always been asking questions about the complexity of the world. This is why she constantly strives to inform herself, something which she believes lets her see beyond prejudices. In 2019 she became a climate activist using her passion for storytelling to bring people closer to seemingly complex issues. She strongly believes that stories can change the world.

Goran Radevic

Beneficiary of the EU-funded project Radevic Wine Estate

country, Montenegro, at a young age. Eventually, he came back and started Radevic Winery which soon became a well-known brand in the region and beyond.

Rona Nushi

Hero from the “Together it’s possible” Campaign

Ms Rona Nushi is a pharmacist by profession and founder of the organic cosmetic line Bees and Trees Bio Cosmetics from Albania. Her love for nature and environmental protection was the main inspiration for starting her company.


    First Part

    Campaign Presentation Involving Media

  • Welcome to the Made of us Campaign Launch Event

    Danijela Lasica, Moderator

  • Campaign Launch Video

    Possibilities are Made of Us

  • EU Ambassador

    Oana-Cristina Popa

    Head of the European Union Delegation to Montenegro

    Italian Ambassador

    Andreina Marsella

    Italian Ambassador to Montenegro

  • European Union and Western Balkans are #MadeOfUs

    Rosalinda Whybrow

    Communications Officer – Strategic Communication for Western Balkans and Türkiye, DG NEAR, European Commission

  • The Western Balkans through the eyes of youth

    Michela Di Stefano

    Campaign Manager WeBalkans

    Massimo Pomilio

    Creative Director WeBalkans

    Second Part

    Meet the EU-Western Balkans Vloggers

  • Welcome to the Made of Us Vloggers

    Video – 1 minute

    Travel pair Montenegro – Italy

    Emir CirikovićVlogger, Montenegro

    Alice FranchiVlogger, Italy

    Discover itinerary
  • Travel pair Kosovo – The Netherlands

    Alb MuhaxhiriVlogger, Kosovo

    Brian RoccaVlogger, The Netherlands

    Discover itinerary
  • Travel pair North Macedonia – Belgium

    Elena VasilevskaVlogger, North Macedonia

    Nick Van PutteVlogger, Belgium

    Discover itinerary
  • Travel pair Bosnia and Herzegovina – Slovakia

    Miloš KuzmanovićVlogger, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Simona GavalkováVlogger, Slovakia

    Discover itinerary
  • Travel pair Serbia – Germany

    Jelena RadovanovićVlogger, Serbia

    Joshua StebVlogger, Germany

    Discover itinerary
  • Travel pair Albania – Poland

    Ornela ZaniVlogger, Albania

    Natalia OrdaVlogger, Poland

    Discover itinerary
  • Discovering the stories and people of the Western Balkans

    Meet Goran Radevic the beneficiary of the EU funded project Radevic Wine Estate

  • “Green we go”

    Meet Rona Nushi the hero from the “Together it’s possible” Campaign

  • Cast your vote for the most exciting travel pair and route!

  • Q&A

  • What’s next?

    Michela Di Stefano

    Campaign Manager WeBalkans

    Photo opportunities and car tour of Podgorica together with Emir and Alice.

  • Networking and Party

    with Dj set – at the Europe house

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