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Launch of the mobile media literacy application for teachers and students

‘Mislimetar’ mobile app was launched on 25 October at the Sarajevo Media Literacy Fair. The app is designed to teach kids and teachers about media literacy and critical thinking. “The European Union developed the ‘Mislimetar’ application to boost media literacy and critical thinking among youth, since understanding these topics is of great importance in modern society. It is essential that young people are knowledgeable about how to evaluate sources and navigate digital world safely. On the other hand, it is key that teachers who play a critical role are provided with adequate means in education of young generations,” said Ferdinand Koenig, Head of Communications and EU Spokesperson in BiH.


The ‘Mislimetar’ app carries seven thematic modules for its users on various topics such as information analysis, recognising false information, distinguishing opinions from facts, understanding conspiracy theories, approaching problems from multiple angles, differentiating causes from effects, and other fascinating lessons. It also contains extra materials designed for teachers to help improve the curricula.


Mislimetar addresses a number of topics essential to the development of these skills in a fun, interactive and youth-appealing style. To produce the most helpful educational tool possible, we listened to the needs and comments of youth targeted by the application, as well as teaching professionals. Mislimetar is a mobile app intended for use in both formal and informal education, and we invite everyone who see the importance of spreading the knowledge on this topics to download the app”, said Marija Ćosić, the Project Coordinator with the Citizens’ Association Why Not.

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Source: EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photo credits: EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina

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