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14 August 2021

Journalists in North Macedonia learn how to improve reporting on gender-based violence

North Macedonia

More than 40 media professionals from online, TV and radio institutions from North Macedonia are now more committed to impartial reporting on gender issues and violence against women. This is thanks to the “Different discourse, better reality: Media in combating gender-based violence” capacity building programme funded by the EU and implemented by UN Women.


The programme encouraged partnership between journalists and gender experts on covering women’s rights and ending violence against women. As part of the training, the journalists were familiarised with new guidelines for gender-sensitive reporting in the media. The programme also included mentoring sessions in which journalists were given support to craft gender-sensitive stories. As a result, 15 journalists created articles related to the topic and published them through digital, radio, and television media. The programme was part of an EU-funded project called Implementing Norms, Changing Minds on ending violence against women.

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Source: UN WOMEN

Photo credits: UN WOMEN

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