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First Robotics League for Primary School Students with EU Support

Europe House and the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro supported the First National Robotics Competition for primary school students. The teams, comprising 4 pupils each, were formed from 43 primary schools in Montenegro. A total of 58 teams tested their programming skills at the competition held at the Sports and Cultural Centre of the University of Montenegro.


“This is a STEM competition aimed at helping children think creatively, seek logical solutions to various problems, and above all, gives children a chance to socialise and become team players. These days, teamwork is necessary for every organisation and profession. Our goal was to teach children from an early age to respect the team, respect each other, consult, and find solutions to everyday problems together,” said Nina Drakulić from the Montenegro Robotics organisation.


The robotics competition emerged from the synergy between Codepixel company and Montenegro Robotics organisation. The competition was organised in two categories. Prizes were provided for the top three teams in both the junior and senior pupil categories.

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Photo credits: Europe House Montenegro

Source: : Europe House Montenegro

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