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EU4 Youth Days activities in Kosovo

As part of the EU4Youth Days activities, Europe House in Pristina organised a number of events. One of the events was the “What’s the future you want to see” panel discussion focused on the vision of young people in the Western Balkans, and how that vision must not only be articulated, but also heard and considered.


The panel also informed the participating students and other young people on what the EU is doing for Kosovo and the others of the six Western Balkan countries, and opened discussion on how young people can contribute to the EU integration process. Young European Ambassador (YEA) Albin Bushi participated as one of the speakers while other YEAs Endit Tasholli and Desantila Muriqi were part of the audience.


Another feature of the EU4Youth Days was online participation at the EU4Youth Days conference in Brussels. The conference was live streamed for young people and NGOs at Europe House in Prishtina. Participants from Europe House had the opportunity to ask questions of the key speakers and panellists during the conference.

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