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EU Launches Kosovo Home Affairs Programme to Strengthen Cooperation and Rule of Law in Kosovo

The European Union (EU) has announced the launch of the “EU Kosovo Home Affairs Programme,” a significant initiative aimed at strengthening the alignment of Kosovo’s home affairs sectors with European standards and best practices. The programme, funded by the EU, will be implemented by the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs, in collaboration with the French Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Belgium Federal Police.


Starting from 1 March 2023, the EU Kosovo Home Affairs Programme will be implemented with a budget of €6,5 million and a duration of 40 months. The main objective of the programme is to promote the rule of law and fundamental rights in Kosovo by facilitating joint investigation teams and enhancing cooperation between law enforcement agencies. The project will also provide operational support, transfer skills, and competences to improve the effectiveness of investigations in Kosovo.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Police in Kosovo will be the main beneficiaries of this programme, which will follow the major reform process of the Kosovo Police and Ministry of Internal Affairs, aligning them with EU standards. In close collaboration with Eurojust, Europol, and other relevant EU law enforcement agencies, the project will foster the establishment of joint investigation teams, improving the capacity for international and cross-border investigations.


Furthermore, the EU Kosovo Home Affairs Programme will address critical areas of reform in Kosovo, including the protection of critical infrastructure and cybersecurity. The project will provide assistance to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in identifying and designating national and European critical infrastructures, as well as support in developing operator security plans. Additionally, efforts will be made to establish a Cybersecurity Agency and align the legal and institutional framework of Kosovo with EU standards.


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Source: EU Office in Kosovo

Photo credits: EU Office in Kosovo

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