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EU in Kosovo launches a call for proposal to support startups

The European Union Office in Kosovo is seeking proposals to support start-ups to improve their competitiveness and invest in innovation.  Through this support, the EU aims to strengthen the Kosovo economy by supporting the creation and growth of startups via the incubation process. The specific objectives of the call include strengthening the existing incubators and/or support the creation of new ones, increasing the number and the sustainability of innovative and growth-oriented startups, in particular women- and young women and men-led startups and support for establishment of a good digital innovation ecosystem for startups with strengthened links with the EU ecosystem.


The call is open for an existing business incubator and/or accelerators (public or non-governmental entity/organisation) and public or non-governmental entities who intend to establish a new incubator and/or accelerator. The applicants must be experienced in the field of provision of business incubation and business support services.

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Source: European Union Office in Kosovo

Photo credits:  European Union Office in Kosovo

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