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EU in Albania launches new awareness campaign on EU’s support to tackle the country’s environmental challenges

The EU Delegation to Albania is launching a new campaign that will raise awareness among Albanian citizens, policymakers, civil society, businesses, and other stakeholders around environmental issues affecting the country. The EU Green Campaign invites everyone to take concrete steps and to join the Green Way. A call to step in with a series of actions, which spans from individual choices to public initiatives and policy, in order to preserve the environment according to European standards.


Under the motto, “Join the Green Way, Europe is Here!”, the campaign will not only aim to make Albanians aware of the impact of their actions on environment but also to highlight how the EU is assisting the country in protecting its biodiversity and countering environmental degradation. The Green Campaign will explain to the public, policymakers, and businesses what it means for Albania to join the “European Green Deal”, as part of the country’s EU integration process. The European Green Deal aims to transform the EU and its future Member States into a modern and resource-efficient economy by ensuring net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050 and by decoupling their economic growth from resource use.


As Albania is progressing in the EU accession process, it is essential to harmonise its policy, laws, and initiatives in line with EU legislation in crucial areas like water management, biodiversity, green and circular energy, air quality, and climate change. Through round tables with informed stakeholders, open discussions with local communities, book clubs, movie screenings, and press trips we will discuss green solutions, showcasing the enhanced EU-Albania partnership.

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Photo credits: EU Delegation to Albania

Source: EU Delegation to Albania

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