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EU-funded ambulance vehicle for emergency institute in Montenegro

The Emergency Medical Service of Montenegro received a new ambulance vehicle through the European Union Project 88, with the Ministry of Health providing support. This project aims to offer aid in situations involving nuclear, chemical, or biological accidents. The vehicle’s value amounts to €53,850.


The Minister of Health Dragoslav Šćekić handed over the keys of the new ambulance to the Head of the Emergency Medical Service unit in Bijelo Polje. Šćekić thanked the EU partners for their support and emphasised the importance of the health system’s preparedness for potential crises.


“All thanks and praises for the Emergency Medical Service and Director Vuk Niković, who is successfully leading the project with his team and creating conditions for our institution to be the first equipped to adequately respond in emergency situations related to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear accidents,” said Šćekić.


The Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro stated that the new ambulance, procured as part of the project, represents a crucial milestone in enhancing Montenegro’s capabilities for disaster response and emergency medical assistance.

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Photo credits: Evropska Kuca

Source: Evropska Kuca

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