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EU digital COVID certificate equivalence for Albania

On 15 September, seven new decisions entered into force, meaning that COVID-19 certificates issued by Albania, Andorra, the Faroe Islands, Israel, Monaco, Morocco and Panama are equivalent to the EU’s digital COVID certificate. As a result, the seven countries and territories will be connected to the EU’s system, and the COVID certificates they issue will be accepted in the EU under the same conditions as EU digital COVID certificates. At the same time, the countries and territories agreed to accept the EU digital COVID certificate for travel from the EU to their countries.


Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, said: “During this summer we have seen that citizens are able to travel safely thanks to the EU digital COVID certificate. This is a win-win situation: citizens can enjoy their right to free movement, and businesses – as well as the transport sector – can start making up for the losses of past months. Since June, more than 420 million EU certificates have been issued. I therefore welcome more and more countries outside the EU joining our successful system. A total number of 42 countries – 27 EU Member States and 15 non-EU countries – are now taking part in the EU’s digital COVID certificate system, confirming the EU certificate as an international standard.”

Source: European Union

Photo credits: European Union

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