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EU continues to help the Roma community in Montenegro

During November, the European Union in Montenegro and the Council of Europe have helped the Roma-Egyptian community in Montenegro to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 virus. Help was provided through their joint ROMACTED programme in collaboration with the national partner organisation, Young Roma. Support was provided to the Roma and Egyptian community in the municipalities of Bar, Berane, Bijelo Polje, and Herceg Novi.


In Bijelo Polje, 70 Roma families received aid packages, which included food, personal hygiene products, baby food, sweets, and cosmetics. In Herceg Novi, 71 families received 100 aid packages, and in Berane, based on personal requests of individuals, in order to facilitate work and improve sources of income, 125 pieces of tools were provided for 50 users. In Bar, 12 RE high school students received vouchers worth up to €100 to buy clothes, shoes or school textbooks.


“Given that the coronavirus affects the income and living standard of the Roma community, which is the most vulnerable group of the population, and whose financial possibilities are limited, it was decided to re-grant aid through several sets of measures. The Young Roma NGO will continue to help the Roma community in the coming period in accordance with the project tasks and opportunities, and to fight for the improvement of their position in all areas,” said Samir Jaha, Executive Director of the Young Roma NGO.


From March to the end of November, 626 Roma families in Bar, Bijelo Polje, Herceg Novi, Nikšić, Tivat and Ulcinj received assistance packages under the ROMACTED programme worth around €36,000.


The ROMACTED project is designed to build political will and sustainable policies of local government participation and encourage the empowerment of local Roma communities. ROMACTED is funded by the Council of Europe and the European Union, while the Young Roma NGO is a partner organisation in its implementation. The programme is being implemented in seven Western Balkan countries and Turkey. In Montenegro, this programme is implemented in eight municipalities: Bar, Berane, Bijelo Polje, Herceg Novi, Nikšić, Podgorica, Tivat,  and Ulcinj.

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Young Roma NGO



This is an adaptation of an article published by the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro. Read the original article


Photo Credit: Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro-Delivery of the ROMMACTED support


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