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EU and EBRD with a financial package on energy efficiency in BiH

The European Union (EU) is joining the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to support Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) with a €6 million financial package to help it improve the energy efficiency of its public buildings. The package includes a €4.5 million EBRD loan and a €1 million investment grant from the EU, and will finance energy efficiency measures in 20 public buildings in Republika Srpska, including 16 schools and 3 hospitals. In addition, the EU is providing a €500,000 technical assistance grant for project implementation.


The energy measures will include thermal insulation, new windows, upgraded heating, ventilation and cooling systems, and energy efficient lighting. Once these improvements have been made, managers will be appointed to monitor the energy consumption and performance of each building.


The EU funds are secured from the Regional Energy Efficiency Programme, which is supported by the EBRD, the European Union, bilateral donors and beneficiary countries cooperating under the Western Balkans Investment Framework.

The EBRD and EU are also supporting energy efficiency improvements in public buildings of Sarajevo. The project, which includes renovating 40 public buildings, is already under way.

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Source: EBRD
Photo credit: EBRD

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