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EU Ambassador to Montenegro visits EU projects in Tivat

Ambassador Oana Cristina Popa, the Head of the EU Delegation to Montenegro, visited the municipality of Tivat, where she met with local government representatives and EU project beneficiaries. The visit focused on the environmental sustainability of Tivat and Montenegro and Ms Popa pointed out that further investment in green solutions, with the support of the EU and civil society, will help Tivat attract more tourists and become an example of a green and sustainable municipality, not only in Montenegro, but also in the region and beyond.


“The EU has donated more than €2 million for projects in Tivat, which are mainly aimed at environmental protection, sustainable development and tourism. I learned more from the local authorities about how these projects bring benefits to the local population,“ said Ms Popa.


Together with Željko Komnenović, the mayor of the municipality of Tivat, Ambassador Popa paid a visit to Tivat Salina, where a new visitor centre will be built with European funds. The EU’s investments in the Salina have already helped preserve this nature reserve and develop their tourist offer, as well as protect migratory birds. Ms Popa also visited Župa sports hall, where state-of-the-art solar collectors funded by the EU provide domestic hot water heating.

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Source: EU Delegation to Montenegro

Photo credits: EU Delegation to Montenegro

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