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4 June 2021

EIDHR launches a series of documentaries, “Do We Resemble the EU”

North Macedonia

How have EU Member States been dealing or dealt with the challenges that North Macedonia’s citizens are facing in exercising their rights: as workers, as consumers, as people with disabilities, as members of the LGTBI community…, or simply as individuals entitled to full legal and health protection, including clean air?


Documentaries produced with help from the EU are trying to find answers on the spot and to inspire action at home – bearing in mind that respecting human rights is fundamental.


This series of ten documentaries “Do We Resemble the EU” is taking a closer look at what living in the EU is like, and how EU countries have overcome or are dealing with some of the same challenges facing the citizens of North Macedonia.


Produced by NGO Konfidens from Skopje and its production Balkon3, with the help of the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), the series attempts to detect those pieces of the puzzle that the country is missing, in order to narrow the gap with the EU when it comes to the respect of human rights. The documentaries are being broadcast as of 1 June, on Alsat-M TV in North Macedonia every Tuesday and Friday.

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Source: EU Delegation to the Republic of North Macedonia

Photo credits: EU Delegation to the Republic of North Macedonia

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