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€10 Million Boost for Brčko Port: A New Era for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Infrastructure

In a significant development in its bid to modernize key infrastructure in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Brčko Port has launched the next phase of its development with a €3 million grant from the European Union and a further €7 million in loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). This funding will see the facilities overhauled offering a significant upgrade in its operational abilities and regional economic impact. 


The operation of a new crane was marked by Ambassador Johann Sattler, Head of the EU Delegation and EU Special Representative, and Perica Josić, Director of Brčko Port. Ambassador Sattler expressed his enthusiasm about the project: “Today we are witnessing a notable achievement in the ongoing modernization efforts of the Brčko Port and I’m delighted the EU could contribute to it. Brčko’s advantageous position on the Sava is not currently used to its full potential. By supporting the modernization of the Brčko Port, we are not only contributing to economic development and jobs, but also to strengthening the trade links and opportunities between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Union, as well as the wider region.” 


The project is part of the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF), which kicked off with the completion of the port plateau in 2022. An important part of the project, funded by the EU, includes reconstructing the access road from the port to Bijeljinska cesta, and the industrial railway connecting the port to Brčko Novo railway station, anticipated to be completed in 2024. 


Perica Josić, Director of Brčko Port, said of the investment: “This project is hugely significant; for the first time in over 50 years the Brčko District has seen a real and significant amount of investment. By investing in the development of this infrastructure we are now the initiators of new economic development, that’s the significance of this project. I believe that having a European port in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina provides not only the Brčko District but the entire country with new opportunities to develop and progress.” 


Zijad Nišić, Brčko District Mayor, welcomed the development as an investment in the Green Agenda and decarbonization process which he said would ultimately lead to long-term economic benefits and prosperity for the region. Manuela Naessl, Head of the EBRD in BiH pointed out that it is yet another important project for the economy of Brčko which will contribute to business development, facilitate exports and imports while bringing BiH even closer to the EU. 


This modernization project is in line with the European Commission’s Economic and Investment Plan (EIP) for the Western Balkans which will improve the region’s transportation and infrastructural connectivity. The specific focus is to increase the navigation along the Danube River, a critical link on the core TEN-T network (Rhine-Danube Corridor), improving waterway traffic across the continent. The Brčko Port modernization intervention represents a big step forward in BiH infrastructural improvements offering new perspectives of growth and regional connectivity. 

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