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Distribution of equipment for primary waste separation continues in the city of Uzice

Since the beginning of the implementation of the project Odvajamo in the City Municipality of Sevojno, 4.56 tons of primarily selected waste have been collected from bins, as presented at the promotion of the Project for Household Waste Separation in Užice on June 15th 2023.


“Primary separation of waste for the city of Užice is a very important topic, which we have been approaching very seriously for several years now, both through our strategic plans and decisions, as well as through the implementation of numerous projects”, pointed out Dragoljub Stojadinović, Deputy Mayor of Užice, speaking at an event dedicated to the promotion of the “Odvajamo” project, the implementation of which began in March.


The “O-DVA-JA-MO” project is implemented in 17 municipalities in Serbia with the support of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia, the European Union and the Embassy of Sweden. The goal of the project is to recycle part of the waste generated in households, in order to reduce the amount that ends up in landfills and increase the recycling rate in these municipalities to 15%.


The Waste Management Program in Serbia 2022-2031, adopted by the Government of Serbia as part of EU accession, aims to improve the municipal waste management system through an increased rate of recycling, reduced disposal of biodegradable waste in landfills and reduced disposal of waste in unhygienic landfills.

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Source: EU Delegation to Serbia

Photo credits: EU Delegation to Serbia

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