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Dialogue and understanding in the region for a safer path to the EU

In order to make smart and meaningful youth-oriented policies, cooperation between policymakers and youth is needed, based on a credible policy dialogue. This is exactly the main goal of the “POLITEIA Regional School for Youth Participation” which started in Niš and will last from July 6 to 12 with the participation of students, activists and young experts from Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo*, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.


POLITEIA school is organized by the Centre for Democracy Foundation in cooperation with civil society partner organizations from the Western Balkans within the framework of the Regional Youth Dialogue for Europe project, which is implemented with the financial support of the European Union.


The EU Youth Strategy 2027 encourages all young people to engage socially and participate in democratic life. The main mechanism of EU youth participation in the decision-making process is the Youth Dialogue, which is implemented at the local, national and sub-national level in order to use their opinions and ideas. Seeking to respond to the challenges faced by young people as one of the most vulnerable population groups, the EU provides numerous mechanisms that encourage greater participation of young people and the openness of institutions to communicate with young people.


Regional cooperation is supported through various initiatives and programs such as the Erasmus+ and the introduction of the Youth Guarantee in the region. Based on the conclusions and goals of the Berlin Process, strong youth-oriented initiatives aimed at reconciliation and cooperation are supported – such as the programs of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office, but also regional projects such as POLITEIA. The European Union will continue to support initiatives that improve the quality of life and the perspective of young people in the Western Balkans and will additionally intensify cooperation with the region for successful accession to the EU.

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Source: EU Delegation to Serbia

Photo credits: EU Delegation to Serbia

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