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BIRN Journalist Frosina Dimeska Wins EU Investigative Award

Frosina Dimeska, a journalist at Prizma/BIRN, has won second prize from the European Union for her outstanding investigative journalism in North Macedonia. The awards ceremony took place on September 28 in Skopje.


Dimeska’s work exposed a significant scandal involving a controversial Ukrainian figure, Oleksandr Onishchenko, who managed to obtain a North Macedonian passport despite being under sanctions from both the United States and Ukraine, where authorities sought his extradition. The judges recognised the impact of Dimeska’s investigation, leading to the government revoking Onishchenko’s North Macedonian citizenship. However, no individuals have been held accountable for the scandal as of now.


In expressing her gratitude, Dimeska stated: “This award serves as motivation for me and is a testament to Prisma editorial team’s commitment to continued in-depth investigative journalism.” First prize went to the documentary Bad Blood, produced by the Investigative Reporting Laboratory IRL. Additionally, “KOD”, a series of video stories aired on TV Telma, secured third place. The awards, presented by EU Ambassador David Geer in Skopje, celebrate exceptional journalistic work produced over the past year.

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Source: BIRN

Photo credits: BIRN

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