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#EUBeachCleanup in Albania

18 – 19 September 2021
Durrës, Albania

Together to protect marine life

#YEStoYEA #ActNow #EUBeachCleanup2021


The EU and the Young European Ambassadors are joining up to clean the world! Each September, the EU organises an ocean-activism and awareness-raising campaign #EUBeachCleanup featuring events from around the world. In preparation for the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, this year’s campaign is dedicated to the protection and celebration of the rich diversity found in the world’s oceans. Although the key to fighting marine litter is to stop it at its source (using less, recycling more) – the cleaning of our oceans is also another crucial consideration.

The Young European Ambassadors, together with Alexis Hupin, Head of the Political Section at the EU Delegation to Albania, will participate in this important world action by cleaning up the beaches of Durrës Bay, Albania.

Furthermore, the YEAs will be attending a workshop organised by the NGO ‘EDEN’ on 19 September titled “We can turn a drop in the ocean into a wave of change,” which will emphasise the importance of marine life preservation.

We truly hope this activity inspires you to organise similar actions within your community! Stay tuned for photos and videos from the YEA’s clean-up operation!

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