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Panche Patoski

North Macedonia




My name is Panche Patoski, I am coming from Prilep and I am 22 years old. I graduated in political sciences in the Faculty of Law “ Iustinianus Primus”, Skopje and currently I’m pursuing  my Master’s degree at the same Faculty in the field of Applied Politics and Political System. In the past  was engaged as a Project Assistant in the National Democratic Institute(NDI) in Skopje and currently I am engaged as Junior Operation Expert Assistant at OSCE Office for Democratic and Human Rights (ODIHR) for the Local Elections 2021.

As the most significant experience I would like to emphasise the participation in the working group in the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia for the preparation of the draft text for the new Law on Youth Standard. Besides this, I also gained knowledge about the electoral process, the work of the Assembly and contacts with Members of Parliament as well as participatory online democracy.

Part of my job at NDI was to translate formal documents from English to Macedonian and vice versa. As a student I was actively involved in the organisation of the Students Elections 2019, and previously I was involved in organising oratory evenings, humanitarian events like parties and tournaments. 

I am a member of JEF Club which is within the non-governmental organization YEF (Youth European Federalist) in Macedonia, where I had professional contacts with the non-governmental organization Youth Can and Youth Educational Forum(YEF).


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